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BRTweekend College Ambassador

IG = ggxbriella

SC = certifiedgaby

Who is Gabriella (aka Gaby)?

Growing up behind the promotional scene and lifestyle of her mother Muma Dee, Gabriella presented an interest in hosting events at an early age.  As a very private individual, Muma Dee had kept her daughter's face from the dancehall and nightlife public settings since birth and had a choice to make as her daughter was turning 13.  After a full discussion and overall brainstorming of her desires, along with liabilities as a parent, as well as a need to secure balance of success in school and out, Muma Dee granted her wish and opened the doors to her first event.  October 15, 2016, was Gabriella's first public appearance and public teen event.  This was a free event and birthday celebrations, mostly composed of teens in her family and their friends.  The second event in 2017 was a different twist with more teenagers involved, and she developed an even bigger love towards hosting.  It remained free and open to the public.  Gabriella continues with her stance and has organized and promotes her cousin birthday teen events, her birthday events, and other events.  Her hope is to continue to perfect Event Hosting.  Muma Dee is by her side to assist her legitimate goals.  

Gabriella now embarks on her college journey!

What's the meaning and expectations of each event?

At this time, all the events were specifically for teens.  All events were free to the public as tribute and honor to Gabriella from her mother Muma Dee.  Muma Dee utilizes this option to grant a means to give back to the community after each event by allowing her daughter to host a free event sponsored by Muma Dee, and allowing any child in the community who would like to celebrate their birthdays at her events to do so free of charge.  Muma Dee and Gabriella maintains a non-profit known as Blood Tears Foundation.

Each event is unique in its own right.  Gabriella aims to incorporate talents and various socialites to be a part of her events as it grows.  Muma Dee intends to back her movements and choices each step of the way.  


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