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Who Is Muma Dee?
What is Blood Tears Entertainment?

Muma Dee is of Jamaican lineage, who has been the promoter and host of all Blood Tears Entertainment events since 1998. "Muma Dee" was a given name that represents her natural caring and loving motherhood spiritual nature which comes across easily to all in her life or who has crossed her path.  Muma Dee try to remain very eclectic within the elements of dancehall. Every year she tries to create a very comfortable and new environment for her patrons.  March and September are both her focus each year as she incorporate various nuances within each event which separates her events from norm.  Muma Dee decided that in 2017 she would revamp her September event and also focus more on her March event.    

Since March 1998, Blood Tears Entertainment has created an ultimate series of events within the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.  Blood Tears Entertainment presented 3 unique events annually within the month of March (Muma Dee birthday event), September (Blood Tears Anniversary), and October (Muma Dee daughter 'Gabriella' Teen Bash and birthday celebration).  


The next upcoming event will be Saturday, March 16, 2019, in the DMV Area - From 10pm to 3:00am!

Previous Event DJs/Artist Associates Include:

-  Bass Odyssey            -  Stone Love               - Team Shella with Flabba Dabba & Ikel

-  Renaissance              -  Mighty Action         - Code Red        

-  Half Krazy                 -  LoveLine Music                      

-  Chromatic                 -  Katarock                                     

-  Bodyguard                -  Metro Media   

-  Afrique                      -  Mystic Sound

-  Mighty Joe Young   -  Ritchie Feelings    

Previous Event Associates Include:

-  Trabass TV                - Lepremier Miami

-  IOctane                      - Dome

-  Latonya Style            - BRTweekend

-  Monsoon                    - Irish & Chin

-  Nesbeth                      - Masicka

-  Charlie Blacks           - Stamina Energy Drink

-  Beenie Man                - Milk & Honey

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